No matter what your dream about your wedding is, you can rely on Viola Tarantino and her staff dealing with weddings in Apulia.

By taking advantage of all the enchanting locations of South Italy, made of charming smells and ancient and traditional tastes, Wedding Planner Puglia company will take care of the organization and fulfillment of your wedding in Puglia. They will find the perfect match between the couple’s dreams and requirements and the budget they can afford.

Organize your wedding in Puglia and make it special and unique thanks to Emotions in Puglia Wedding Planners and the amazing and everlasting Apulian landscape.

All the charming weddings are signed by Viola Tarantino and Emotions in Puglia.






Destination wedding


A Destination Wedding is organized abroad, far away from the spouses’ and the hosts’ home. Viola Tarantino and the Emotions in Puglia staff organize Destination Weddings anywhere in Italy and in Apulia. Foreigners who are choosing Apulia and other Italian spots are a growing number. 

Why a Destination Wedding?

Because foreigners love such a rich country, in terms of beauty, history and arts. Apulia is a mix of these features and, for this reason, it is the perfect destination for an amazing wedding.

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Event planner & organizer in Italy


Besides wedding planning and organizing, Emotions in Puglia also offer their skills and knowledge to arrange events in Apulia and in italy. Thanks to an experienced team of Event Planners, every kind of ceremony or event will become an original and special event that will perfectly fit your requests and budget.


"Con eleganza, creatività ed esperienza, noi di Emotions in Puglia, guidiamo i futuri sposi verso la migliore organizzazione della cerimonia nuziale e di tutto ciò che le gravita attorno."


Viola Tarantino

She's the boss! 

Viola Tarantino is one of the most famous Wedding Planners in Bari, her hometown. She started working as a tourist agent and event organizer. In 2012 she founded Emotions in Puglia, a company dealing with exclusive and traditional events in Apulia.

She is always searching for the perfect match of tradition and innovation, which has led to a unique and original style. Her project is the mirror of herself: she is a world traveller and loves meeting foreigners. In a short time she has become well-known on the market because she takes care of her customers and their dream of an unforgettable wedding. Viola totally dedicates to the couples who want to have a full experience into the Apulian places, colors and tastes.

Thanks to a 20-year experience Emotions in Puglia offers a wide choice of suggestions for this special moment, in order to make it unique, special and unforgettable.

Since 2018, she founded with 15 colleagues theApulian Wedding Planner Association  and she is the president.



Emotions in Puglia is not only Viola Tarantino: it is a team of professional staff who are ready to arrange everything an engaged couple dream for their wedding day.


Senior Wedding Planner

Graduated in languages, she is the creative part of the group. Dynamic and with an innate ability to solve any problem. Spoken languages: English and French

She is the designer of each of our events



The youngest but the oldest of the group. She is the best assistant you could ask for. Dynamic, tireless worker, undisputed queen in the art of bows. Spoken languages: English She takes care of logistics and guest assistance.


Senior Wedding Planner

Discreet and calm in appearance, a real volcano erupting in the field, with innate artistic and planning skills. Spoken languages: English, Spanish

She takes care of the development of the event and coordinates the backstage


Private Photographer

The youngest and most talented photographer of Puglia, and she is part of the big family and everyone is honored. Claudia follows the staff in every event, both to capture every moment and for the real-time management of social media. Spoken languages: English, Spanish, French

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Emotions in Puglia by Viola Tarantino

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