How do you imagine

your wedding

in Puglia ?

No matter what your dream about your wedding is, you can rely on Viola Tarantino and her staff dealing with weddings in Apulia.

By taking advantage of all the enchanting locations of South Italy, made of charming smells and ancient and traditional tastes, Wedding Planner Puglia company will take care of the organization and fulfillment of your wedding in Puglia. They will find the perfect match between the couple’s dreams and requirements and the budget they can afford.

Organize your wedding in Puglia and make it special and unique thanks to Emotions in Puglia Wedding Planners and the amazing and everlasting Apulian landscape.

All the charming weddings are signed by Viola Tarantino and Emotions in Puglia.

My beloved Puglia

Whatever is your dream, we will know how to make it come true ....


Said about us...

We decided to rely on Emotions in Puglia because we decided to rely on this wedding planner agency because we wanted an unconventional marriage, a big party not the traditional receipt. We would not have wanted a better result, everything was perfect.
With Viola it was a feeling at first sight. My husband and I, a native of Puglia and a Campania region, live in Milan and were looking for a wedding planner to help us organize our wedding in Puglia. We relied on enthusiastic reviews about the Emotions agency in Puglia and, at the first contact, we felt reassured by Viola, her professionalism and her being a volcanic source of ideas ...
Fantastic staff! They took care of everything in detail without leaving anything to chance. True professionals who with patience, passion, and dedication have managed to give us a unique day, which we will carry inside forever, remembering it as one of the most beautiful and important of our life. Emotion in Puglia, not just a big company, but above all a big family! Thanks!
My husband and I, we were lucky enough to meet Viola. She is a very special person, friendly, always ready to get involved. She was indispensable during all the preparations but especially on our wedding day; she allowed us to live the big day with no stress. Highly recommended!
Viola and her team will be an indispensable element in the organization of your wedding! I don't know how I would have done without it, not only because we live in Rome and got married in Puglia, but because for all the wedding day our only thought was to enjoy with our friends and family while Viola and her team moved all the pieces. flawlessly and without attracting attention, elegantly making sure that everything happens at the right time and in the right way.
Describing Viola as a simple wedding planner would be an understatement: she was much more than that, a true guardian angel who made our dream possible! Thanks again for everything! Luciana and Alessandro
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Emotions in Puglia by Viola Tarantino

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