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Your wedding in Puglia


Getting married in Puglia is a unique and unrepeatable experience, that only a real “Apulian” can help you piece together. Whether it’s a rustic, romantic or luxury wedding you're dreaming of, we’ll succeed in finding the perfect venue.

 Apulia is a beautiful, charming woman, those who meet her for the first time remain a slave to love forever. Apulia’s charm is owing to the colour of its sky and scent of its sea, the uniqueness of its sunsets and perfumes of its countryside, its solid olive trees and UNESCO heritage listed spectacular cone-shaped stone structures (“trulli”). It may seem like a foregone conclusion, but the energy that springs from the earth, the warmth of its people, the sound of the wind, enters your soul and takes hold of you. You can do nothing but surrender to its perfect synergy.

Those who come to Apulia have a strange yearning to come back over and over again... those who come to Apulia often become one with it. Many people stumble upon Apulia during a simple holiday, business trip or out of sheer curiosity, most end up falling in love with it, as if it were theirs. Apulia is one of Italy’s most evocative natural settings, above all else for its cultural and culinary traditions. Apulia is the sea, food and tradition, castles, farmhouses, beaches, estates, promontories overlooking the sea or sumptuous villas surrounded by olive trees; the variety it has to offer combined with its excellent service, make the region forming the heel of Italy one of the world’s most unique locations.

Many also choose Apulia by virtue of the possibility for guests to spend a few days before or after the wedding touring through the region, visiting its cities, cycling through the countryside or along the seaside paths, always in the company of good food and wine or local beers. A wedding, needless to say, that lasts more than just a day, one that is also a holiday in the name of discovery, culture, food and wine.

For over 12 years, this has been our mission...



These two types of buildings are native to Apulia, originally used as either fortified farmhouses or simple farmsteads, making them the symbol of our ancient farming tradition. They were requalified over the last few decades and the local government has worked hard to maintain their historical value, transforming them into the ideal venue for weddings, events, ceremonies and parties.



If you’re looking for an exclusive, regal and sophisticated location for your wedding, Emotions in Puglia offers a range of enchanting castles for both ceremonies and events. Getting married in a venue as welcoming, warm, magical and historical as this gives a touch of exclusivity to your celebration and will leave your guests - and you - totally lost for words.



Among the hills, flowers, vineyards, olive trees and bushland, you’ll see the majestic beauty of the Trulli on the outskirts of several towns. They are one of a kind in the world for their very particular architecture: they were built by farmers a few centuries ago, using local stones to create a cone-shaped roof. In 1996 the Trulli of Apulia became a UNESCO heritage site, and on request, your wedding can be organised in this spectacular location.



Choosing to get married in a vineyard means opting for a totally unconventional ceremony guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience for the human senses. The coloured vines and scents of a rich land are the perfect setting for those who love Italian food and wine.

Emotions in Puglia offers several exclusive locations in the natural settings of this spectacular land, bound to evoke unique and unrepeatable emotions.



White pebble beaches along the Gargano coast, rugged and suggestive coastlines near Bari and sandy hills along the shores of the Ionian Sea are just a snippet of the marvellous 800-kilometre-long Apulian coastline. For your dream wedding on a beach surrounded by unspoiled nature, we can suggest a number of different locations.

Dimora Storica

Private Villas

A selection of residences and enchanting villas describe the culture, architecture and tradition of southern Italy. They are the perfect setting for weddings characterised by elegance and exclusivity. For couples dreaming of a high-class ceremony, we can propose a number of locations, villas and sophisticated and exclusive residences.

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