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TRAVEL OF LOVE - La dolcevita

For the past 13 years we have been telling you what happens during the organization of a wedding, until the day of the same ... but what happens before?

What happens when a couple not resident in Puglia, would like to get married in my beautiful land? They organize a trip, a sort of "love escape", to discover the country and not only; because those who decide to organize a destination wedding, will be bound for life to those landscapes, to those scents and colors that have consolidated their love story.

Usually, the couple decides to visit Puglia as a possible setting for their wedding, because they are linked by ancient roots or just because they have seen a wonderful photo in a fashion magazine.

The first thing they will do, as soon as they arrive, will be to discover the territory: they will move in search of ravines that will become important memories over the years ....

They will discover our colors, our cuisine and our flavors ... They will reconfirm their love and their desire for common life ...

They will link to a perfume, the important moment, that of the consolidation of their choice.

It will be the beginning of THEIR JOURNEY, what is called family .... and the territory will become an integral part of this project.

The sea, the sky will take on different colors, which will remain etched in their memory forever.

They will discover that wonderful country church which will be the stage of their "I pronounce you husband and wife" ...

... and a beautiful masseria that will be the designated place for the party.

It is what they are looking for: a wonderful place where they will want to celebrate with their friends and family and celebrate their love and building a new family

(this, however, is another story that I will tell you shortly).

At that point I take over and they will tell their love story and their dreams; the link with the territory, if any, and why they chose Puglia as the scenario for the GREAT DAY.

My starting task will be to create a red thin line between all this information, which is not just words, but is their history, their origins, their needs and their needs ...

I will become their confidant but also part of their family ... a support to manage stress

With many of them the relationship will turn into sincere friendship. I often and willingly know their children and when they decide to return to Puglia, a moment of their trip will be dedicated to me and the memories of THEIR DAY!


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