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Summer season 2017 was just finished and we are ready to tell you what will be the trend for spring / summer 2018. Waiting for Pantone indications i'm  here to anticipate you news  and pleasing reconfirms ...

The “lady” has been both the face and the logo of our company.
She has always been there, identified as the leader of the Emotions in Puglia’s big family. But now it’s time to say her goodbye.
Parting is such a sorrow but essential due to the big changes that will occur. Emotions in Puglia is now related only to my own name: Viola Tarantino, a tourism master and a famous and, if you don’t mind me saying, respected wedding and event planner.

Last summer has been pretty rainy, so we had to face up to the bad weather and work out new plans and solutions. On July 22 nd Sara and Giuseppe made their marriage vow in the small church of Tenuta Pinto in front of a few guests. 

We have organized a happening event for those people who are personally involved into a wedding in order to sponsor our new blog, to wish a merry Christmas to the married and not-yet married couples and to glorify my beloved city in collaboration with ambo adv. For the first time in its life, the luxurious palace café opens its doors to both future brides and grooms.

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Per noi organizzare un matrimonio perfetto significa coniugare il giorno del “si” con un soggiorno indimenticabile nella terra pugliese.

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